skytools drone command vehicle

Skytools is a pioneer in the drone industry. Their new drone command vehicle is packed with features.


Skytools is a partner for drone businesses and pilots. The power line enables drones to stay in the air for an unlimited amount of time.

Directing & Cinematography: Maarten Slooves

Aerial Cinematography: Skytools (Pilot) + Maarten Slooves (Camera)


An experimental mini film about a hypothetical near future in which Artificial Intelligence has become the dominant form of intelligence on earth.

Director & Aerial Cinematography: Maarten Slooves

Cinematographer: Roderik Patijn

FPV Drone pilot: Chris de Graaff - Skillshot


Bali bowls

Red Bull BMX Athlete Daniel Wedemijer explores the bowls on Bali.

Director & Cinematographer: Roderik Patijn

Aerial cinematography & AC: Maarten Slooves



During Christmas Hart Beach Surf Shop organised a hilarious event with dozens of surfing Santa's.


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